Our mission

To make the world financially healthier

Our story

We are taking an AI first approach to reimagine banking, enabling you to better manage your money and achieve financial freedom. Creating an effortless and intuitive experience through a smart mobile banking app powered by Sophie - a personal assistant for your finances.

With the proliferation of consumer debt, people now more than ever need help and assistance. Fortunately, the technology now exists to make this possible.

Banks are simply failing to proactively educate people about money management. A result of having to operate a legacy business model, which derives short-term profit by maintaining the status quo of keeping customers in a debt cycle.

Don’t get us wrong, credit is not a bad thing, the basis of it is to enable you to buy upfront and pay later for the things you need. Our issue is with the way it’s originated, structured and promoted.

We believe in fostering financial wellness by helping you live within your means and building up a savings portfolio. This means consolidating the debt you can’t afford, whilst taking on debt you can afford, priced to your individual risk level.

In the end, we are on a mission to help you live stress free and happy, knowing that Sophie has your back with your finances at all times. We want to help you focus on the things you’re truly passionate about, spend more time with your friends & family, and live in the now!

The company

Within our company is a passionate group of designers, engineers, data scientists and financial services specialists that believe in the power of technology and education to make the world a better place.

The company was founded in early 2016 by Andy Taylor, Co-Founder of Australia’s first and leading P2P Lending platform SocietyOne. Andy has always been passionate about the power of technology to democratize banking for everyday people, in what has become a tightly controlled, inward facing, stale industry vertical progressively focused on increasing profits to the detriment of consumer wellbeing.

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