The smart bank account, built to get you financially healthy.

Helping you pay off debt, optimise spending and save.

We’re reimagining banking as we know, putting you on a path to financial independence.

Meet Sophie - your personal money assistant

Live happier, take the stress out of managing your money

Financial Health

Sophie keeps on top of your finances. With insights and recommendations to help you be in control of your money.


Everyday banking needs, and more. Send/request payments, Pay Bills or get Sophie to do it all for you!

Spending Targets

Set spending targets per category and Sophie will keep you on track, helping you spend to reach your goals.

Savings Jars

Create separate Jars per savings goal, Sophie will automate your savings and guide you to success.

Your Douugh Account is provided by Choice Financial,
Member FDIC, is now insured to at least $250.000

One card to rule them all

Our Mastercard® debit card works around the world.
Sophie will send you notifications while you do your thing, keeping you and your money on track to hit your goals.

Getting started with Douugh is easy as...

So you can live stress free while achieving your goals.
After all, life is for living. So let's enjoy it!

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