Living sustainably on a budget

Tips on how to live sustainably and care for our environment on a budget.

Sustainability isn’t just for those with money to spare. Everyone can better their sustainability efforts for little to no money. Helping you to save some extra cash!

Adopting the mindset of “working with what you’ve got” will help you tie living sustainably and saving money together. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting started with budget-friendly sustainable living.

1. Buy Clothing Secondhand

You can buy secondhand clothing in person or via online platforms like ThredUp, Facebook Marketplace and Depop. This method of consumerism is not only more affordable than purchasing firsthand but reduces resource depletion and landfill waste. Did you know that a typical clothing item is only worn 7 times before it gets tossed out? Crazy, right? So next time you’re after a new item for your wardrobe, consider shopping for a like-new item.

2. Use what you have before re-stocking

Making the switch to sustainable living is exciting, and you may be eager to get started right away. But before you do, the most eco-friendly and budget-friendly (of course) move is using the rest of what you already have. Use your existing products to the last drop, and then make some more small staggered swaps to sustainable living. By staggering these purchases, you’ll also be breaking down the expense to make the switch - so you don’t break the bank going overboard with excitement.

3. Embrace your inner suburban dad

Ever heard your parents or friend's tell you to turn the lights off when you leave the room? Not only have they hit the nail on the head with saving money, but also simple sustainable swaps. Turn on that inner “dad” voice in your head and listen to it: turn off the lights when leaving a room, unplug electronics when they’re not being used, make good use of a power strip, and last but not least, spend less time in the shower. These simple changes, whilst small, will help you form good habits that save you money on your bills and lower your environmental impact!

4. Join in on the minimalism trend

We’re just about sick of hearing about the minimalism trend, but we can’t deny that it can be paramount in terms of leading a sustainable lifestyle. To live minimalistic is to live simply, this means using a singular product type - yes, we’re talking to you with the 4 different body washes in the shower - and getting the full use from them. Your newfound minimalist practice will help the planet and preserve your time (and money!) by reducing unnecessary shopping trips. Remember: you can make paper towels out of old t-shirt rags, saving you some extra change!

Time, effort, and research are required to make conscious lifestyle and consumption decisions and thoroughly understand the various impacts of our purchases. Similarly, having a budget also involves comprehensive decision-making to calculate what is affordable and what isn’t. Incorporating the smallest of changes in our consumption to live more sustainably may inherently be saving us a little money, regardless of whether we are on a budget or not. What will you do to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

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