Our NEW Douugh Community

We’ve loved, appreciated, and listened to everything you’ve told us so far! Thank you for being an important part of our journey to date...

You’ve told us about glitches, given constructive feedback on how to improve our features, and even told us how much you love it. Getting to where we are today wouldn’t have been possible without your valuable input…... hey we’re appreciative!

We want you to feel a part of everything we do, from improving our product, being involved with new feature design, to being a key part of our journey, we value your opinion. After all, you lovely people are the reason we’ve created a financial wellness app!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our NEW Douugh Community forum!

A centralized place for you to chat, share and engage and for us to listen!

We want to hear everything, tell us the good and the bad….we can take it, pinky promise! Creating and nurturing a community is one of the most exciting aspects of Douugh and we can’t wait to get more people involved and receive more feedback.

Join the conversation

We are always making improvements from your feedback, so use us, break us, and let us know what you think.

Community Topics

  • The Bakery - For all things Douugh, from people to roadmaps

  • Help and Support - Need support or help? Check out our help page and post if you’ve got questions or bugs to report.

  • Feedback and Ideas - Share your feedback on current Douugh features, and any new ideas to make things even better.

  • Journey - Join the discussion as we tell you what we’re up to and what we’re working on!

  • New and updates - Join in talking about what’s happening in the media and what we have coming!

The Community Vision

We foresee our community to be somewhere you can go to collaborate, learn and engage with other members as well as us. You’ll be able to interact with like-minded people about topics that are important, consuming educational content around our features or services that will enhance your experience.

Join the conversation

We aim to provide you with exclusive resources and information that will make you more financially healthy and independent.

The Douugh Community forum gives you a place to be heard, you'll have access to us and our knowledgable staff. You can contribute to the development of Douugh’s features by voicing concerns, potential improvements, or things you like about our platform.

We look forward to you joining in and helping us to build the app you’ve always needed.