There is a simple alternative

Are you a Simple customer affected by their recent closure? Not to worry, we have a Simple answer… Douugh

Douugh is here to help take the stress out of managing your money, by putting it on Autopilot. Helping you live financially healthier by spending smarter, saving more, and building wealth.

Take a look at how we compare with Simple below:

Autopilot - coming late Jan 2021

We’re launching our new Autopilot feature that will start off automatically sorting your salary as soon as it hits (without you lifting a finger). Meaning every payday you’ve got money set aside for your bills, your savings goals, and prepared for a rainy day. So you always know what’s leftover is safe to splurge.

This is just the beginning of Autopilot’s capabilities as we embark on our journey of autonomously helping you manage and grow your money.

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