What is Douugh?

Welcome to the new way to bank - your digital banking app.

Douugh is a Fintech, changing banking and financial management as we know it.

We’re not a bank as such. We’re a technology company!

Douugh is reimagining how you bank, by offering a financial wellness platform app - that helps change your relationship with money for the better. Helping you create better habits and get ahead. By saving more, spending less and building wealth.

Think of us as an everyday checking account, but one that's super smart and comes with a built-in personal assistant for your money, in your pocket. Helping you better manage your money, keeping you on track and living within your means, while always looking ahead, saving for what’s important to you (near and far) to help you reach your goals.

We’re on a huge mission to help the world live financially healthier, by giving a complete view of your money. Bringing all your finances and goals into one centralized place, while automating it all - making managing your money stress-free. So you can enjoy the now and let us worry about the rest!

image with automation

We’re only at the beginning of our journey. We’re now live with everyday bank accounts, money management, and insights & analytics.

Our phase one - freemium offering includes:

  • A shiny new Douugh Mastercard debit card

  • An everyday checking account (deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000)

  • Money Management tracking and budgeting tools

  • Savings Jars - letting you stash away money to save

  • Manage & track bills

  • Rainy Day Jar - so you’re always prepared for an emergency

  • Insights and reports into your finances

We’ll be rolling out continuous improvements and new features in 2020

  • Wealth Jars - invest and grow your money

  • Cashback rewards

  • Enhanced insights & guidance

  • Automation of your everyday banking and money management

No one enjoys managing their finances, paying bills or budgeting (who even has excel anymore?), let alone trying to set goals and save while planning for the future… 

We designed and built Douugh for all of us… we hate budgeting and thinking about money and trying to manage bills, I mean, we already have to be adults and do everything else.. for some of us, it’s keeping house plants alive or even children! 

Douugh’s all about helping you! We’re not just another financial institution that only sells you mortgages or loans, and getting you into debt. We actually want our community of awesome users to do better, improve and grow with us. It’s time we looked out for each other and helped each other.

So come and join us, help us build the best financial wellness platform the world has ever seen.

Join our community, get involved, share your tips, recommend new features, give feedback and come on this awesome journey with us.   

Download the app today!