What is the Douugh Rainy Day Jar?

Your rainy Day Jar will help you be prepared for emergencies.

As if saving wasn’t hard enough already! Now you need to have an ‘Emergency Fund’ ready for action at any given time? Geez, adulting is out of control. 

Being prepared for a Rainy Day is another thing that school didn’t teach us and we weren't prepared for (irony?)... BUT good news folks! Douugh now makes it a little bit easier in helping you prepare for life’s curveballs. 

Say hello to your new Rainy Day Jar!

That’s right! We give every Douughster a Rainy Day Jar with a built-in goal to help you have $1,000 stashed away for a rainy day. 

Why $1,000 you may ask? Well, recent reports have shown that only 40% of Americans* would be able to pay a $1000 unexpected expense, and 12%** wouldn’t be able to cover $400! We feel this needs to change, and we want to help.

That means when you’re in need of some cash - say if your car breaks down, you need a new fridge, a pet bill (vets aren’t cheap) or anything where you yell “GREAT! How am I going to pay for that?”... Well, now you’re covered…

Don’t go spending it on new clothes (unless it’s an emergency right?).

We’ll keep you on track and even help you find spare change to tuck away, being your eyes and ears in so you’re always prepared. Helping avoid having to use credit or worse... Ask parents or friends for a loan. 

Already with Douugh? You’ll find your Rainy Day Jar sitting and waiting for you to give it some love (well.. Adding money into it). 

Not with Douugh? Joining is easy.. It takes a few minutes. Simply go to www.douugh.com and join our waitlist - we’ll send you your invitation code, you fill in your details to create your account and done!! 

You’re on your way to living financially healthier. Awesome! 

Get the Douugh App Today!

* Federal Reserve Board (2019), 'Federal Reserve Board issues Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households', Federal Reserve, 23 May. Available at: https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/other20190523b.htm (Accessed: 18 November 2019).

** Adrian D. Garcia (2019), 'Survey: Most Americans wouldn’t cover a $1K emergency with savings', Bankrate, 16 January. Available at: https://www.bankrate.com/banking/savings/financial-security-january-2019/ (Accessed: 18 November 2019)