What is trading?

Well if you’re new to trading, simple put trading is the act of buying and selling stocks on the stock exchange. 

The goal of trading is to capitalize on market events to sell stocks for profit or buy stocks at a low. 

Ready to start trading?

Firstly you’ll want to find a company you’d like to invest in, then check out their minimums. Once you’re happy with your choice, completed your research, and diligence you’re good to go. 

How to decide how much money you want to invest - $10. $50, $100? This will determine how many shares (units of the company) you’ll be buying. 


$1000 may only buy you two shares of Apple Inc stock or six shares of Virgin Galactic. Don’t forget you can do fractional share if you’re wanting a smaller serving of Apple Inc. 

Selling your share?

When it comes to selling, the process is reversed! You start with deciding how many shares or units you’d like to sell, this will tell you how much money you will get back.