Budget with any deposit with Autopilot!

Autopilot now lets you automate all your money and budget easily.

Do your deposits come from a variety of sources? We totally get it, financial flexibility is a must! So we’ve made some changes to Autopilot to help you live financially healthier.

With the improved Autopilot, you can now set individual budgets for multiple deposit types - whether it's from Venmo or your Bank Account! Autopilot can even detect previous deposits in your account for you to assign budgets to. Now that’s smarter banking!

You might know Autopilot by its former name - Salary Sweeper. So if you’re a little confused, let us talk you through what’s changed (aside from the name). 

Budget from any deposit

Whether your money comes in via Direct Deposit or through third-party services such as Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp - you can leave it to Autopilot to keep you on a budget. Simply choose how much you want to go towards your Bills, Stash, and Grow Jars each payday, and Autopilot will automatically do the budgeting as soon as you’re paid. We know - it’s pretty neat!

Multiple deposits? No problem!

Do you have cash coming in from all over the place? Well, you can now set individual budgets for multiple deposit types. Autopilot’s features are designed to do all the boring work of budgeting for you. So you can spend confidently, save smarter, and invest easier - now quicker than ever before!

Why should you put your budgeting on Autopilot?

There are many benefits to be had by enabling Autopilot on all deposits, however, the main takeaway is helping you achieve your goals faster. Autopilot enables you to live financially healthier - without the effort of traditional banking. 

Building savings, paying bills and investing all become effortless habits that are maintained each and every payday. Now that you can enable Autopilot on any deposit type, your goals can become a reality faster than ever before. In the simplest terms, Autopilot budgets every deposit so you always have money:

  • set aside to cover fixed expenses and bills

  • put towards a Rainy Day

  • going towards your Savings goals

  • that is safe to spend, knowing everything else has been covered

What’s to come?

We’re busy building a fully autonomous app, continuing to make features even more accessible. We want to help everyone live financially healthier, providing guidance and assistance - whatever your financial situation.

This is just the beginning of our Autopilot journey and its capabilities. In the year ahead, we’ll reveal even more amazing updates for our members to use and enjoy.

Put your money on Autopilot

Start 2022 right by enabling Autopilot on all deposits, and begin budgeting better than ever! To turn it on, simply:

  1. Head to Autopilot in the app, by tapping on the blue circle icon on the home screen, located in the top right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Select “Set New Sweep”

  3. Select your source, including debit cards, bank accounts, or deposits (more info here What types of deposits are detected?).

  4. Finally, select the amount you’d like to sweep into each Jar.

The next time you receive a deposit from that source, it’ll sweep to the correct Jar, automatically. Don’t have Douugh? Download it today and immerse yourself in the world of smart banking.

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